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John Edwards
John Edwards is a freelance professional fine artist who specialises in drawings and oils of children and adults.

He also paints and draws nudes, wildlife and landscapes.

He has been a member of the Royal Society of Portrait painters since 1970.

He is married with two grown up daughters and works from his home in Kidderminster.

Royal Academy Schools, London.
Pietro Annigoni, Florance.
Stourbridge School of Art.

Silver and Bronze medallist, Royal Academy 
Schools (Portrait and Life Drawing and Painting)
Landseer Prize; The Elizabeth T.Greenshields Memorial
Foundation, Award, Montreal, Canada. (Twice); World
Wildlife Fund Art Award for "King of the Artic" (Polar Bear)

R.P; R.A; S.W.L.A; National Portrait Gallery; Tryon Gallery;
Solent Gallery; Malcolm Innes Galleries, London and Edinburgh;
Tate Gallery; Agnews; Ashmolean Museum; Windsor Castle.

H.M. The Queen; Baroness Thatcher O.M, FRSA; Helen Mirren; Edmund de Rothschild T.D; Penelope Keith; The Rt.Hon. William Haque M.P.

tate Gallery; Royal Collection, Windsor; Cambridge and Oxford Colleges; Leicester and Aston Universities; Baroness Thater O.M; Earl of Halifax; Ashmolean Museum Oxford; The Kennel Club; Oxford University Press; Nufield Hospitals Trust; Vintner's and Carpenter's Companies, London; House of Commons; BACS Ltd; Royal Exchange; The Law Society; Price Waterhouse; Sultan of Oman; Earl of Bessborough; World Wildlife Fund; Adjutant General's Corps; Royal College of Radiologists; Taylor hackford Esq.; House of Commons.

Commissioning a Portrait
For both drawings and oils there will usually be approximately 2 - 4 sittings of about one and a half hours each at Kidderminster studio or at the client's home.

When a drawing has been commissioned the artist produces three or four from which the client can choose the one they prefer.

Extra drawings may be purchased at a mutually agreeable price.